The new and innovative RoofCLAD system is a simple two part assemblage formed in high quality Glass-fibre Reinforced Plastic. The 6m long interlocking RoofCLAD section and a one-piece universal end corner cap are designed to replace the current high cost timber or uPVC/vinyl overhangs for either a flat, hipped or pitched roof .

Significant cost savings can also be made when finishing the exterior of the building as the RoofCLAD section provides a deep integral recess in its base. This is designed to hide the top edge of the exterior cladding thus ensuring a correct fit, especially at the gable wall when cutting it to match the slope of the roof. Importantly for timber frame, this recess also provides an essential movement gap between the top of the exterior cladding and the inner timber structure to allow for differential movement.


The GRP roof overhang is easily constructed as the return on the top outside edge of the RoofCLAD section is supported by the fascia/bargeboard where it is secretly nailed in place whilst the inside edge can be either fixed to the wall or to the underside the roof rafters. The overhang is then finished at the corners for a pitch roof by cutting the end cap to the required roof pitch, and for a flat or hipped roof with a mitre cut soffit.

Using a preformed overhang with interlocking joints at both ends not only ensures a consistent quality product, but it also reduces the waste of expensive materials on site. The RoofCLAD overhang provides the necessary weather protection to the top of the walls, and being unsusceptible to rot or insect attack, it will never need replacing. The one-piece RoofCLAD section speeds-up construction forming a more durable overhang, and because it can accept all of the conventional roof coverings it also retains that all-important traditional look to the finished roof.